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Plump Digital

As a small but thriving young design consultancy, the directors at Plump Digital were keen to lock in their successes and establish a solid platform for their future.


Plump Digital’s directors came to us for business protection planning as they were keen to protect their business and their families in the event of premature death or incapacity.


By setting up a Shareholder Protection scheme, each director is insured should one of them die or become ill. The policies were also placed under special trusts to ensure that all proceeds would be used to allow the remaining directors to purchase the departing director’s share of the business.


No one wants to think about the untimely death or illness of a close colleague. But by putting these measures in place, the directors at Plump have the peace of mind of knowing that the business can cope if the unthinkable happens.


Rob Colley, Client Services Director at Plump Digital said:

“Of all the financial planning companies we approached, Gary at Ardent seemed to have the best understanding of what we wanted to achieve as a small but growing business. He really helped us to prioritise our business protection package for the immediate and introduced us to the possibilities for the future so I’m confident our relationship will continue to grow as we do.

“Overall the Ardent team have been a pleasure to work with - keeping us well informed of our options and ensuring we have the information and tools we need to make important decisions.”

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Team members working with Plump Digital

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    Gary O’Brien

    Managing Director


    Chartered Financial Planner